Sunday, October 18, 2009

PLN 15

PLN 15

While it is obvious that learning is critical to the growth of students, the importance of what and how we learn will impact our lives well beyond school. The article from Googleblog quoting management guru Peter Drucker drives home this point. What is interesting is that many of the skills and talents desired by companies like Google are not learned in a traditional school environment. For example, risk taking can be detrimental to a student’s grade. If a student were to take a risk by preparing an assignment in a manner contrary to the desire of the teacher, it might lead to a lower grade. However, the corporate environment is demanding these skills more each year. The question is how do today’s students gain these critical, alternative skills? Both schools and students will need to adapt to ensure the best possible education for students. This will provide all of us with a promising future.

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  1. Wow great insight! Very well said. I agree completely that taking risks is frowned upon in school settings. Society needs to begin to encourage...thinking! We need to recognize that the future is all about progress, and progress comes with new and better ideas. Great post!