Tuesday, October 6, 2009

PLN 13

I feel like writing with a pen is way better than typing, the words flow out so much faster and you can be more efficient in your writing. Although I think pen is a better way to write a computer is a great tool and from this year using computers it has made me a better writer. I like how I have the opportunity to use both tools in class. I think using a pen is great especially for the kids that are not the best at typing they don’t have to search for keys and waste there time worried about spelling.


  1. Hey there I'm Dan (your mentor). I agree, writing with the pen is much easier to convey thoughts and produce a much higher quality paper/essay (purely opinion based). Computers though, are a great way to edit and critic work. Which do you this is better in terms of producing quality work: the pen or the keyboard?

  2. Hi, I'm your other mentor, Danielle. I also agree, your thoughts can be more focused with a pen and paper. There are less distractions going on around you. By using pen and paper though, you must rewrite your assignment every time you proof read it, which can be a nuissance and isn't good for the environment. Overall, which do you think is best?