Monday, March 15, 2010

pln 14

PLN 14

With the 2010 Winter Olympic Game’s just completed, the most exciting part of the games was the men’s ice hockey games. Since 1998, professional hockey players have been allowed to participate in the Olympic Games. The level and excitement generated by the increased level of play has been amazing. This year’s hockey games between the qualifying countries, was some of the best played hockey in years. The best of the best involved the two games between the USA and Canada. After beating Canada in a qualifying round, The USA made it through to the gold medal game where they once again faced Canada. The game was incredible with the USA scoring the tying goal with less than one minute to play. In overtime, Canada’s star player Sidney Crosby scored the game winning goal.

In spite of the amazing play of each NHL player selected to play in the 2010 Olympic Games, the NHL is considering a rule that would prohibit their players from playing in the 2014 Winter Olympics. This would be a terrible decision. The interest sparked by the hockey games in Vancouver is a boost to the game of ice hockey. In a survey conducted after the Olympics, 48% of people surveyed now have a greater interest in watching hockey. The NHL should capitalize on this growing interest to re-establish hockey’s position as the greatest sport on earth.

pln 13

PLN 13

This week it was decided that all the teachers in a Rhode Island school district would be fired at the end of the school year. This decision was made after the school failed to improve on poor testing results over a two year period. The school is located in a very low income area of Rhode Island and many of the students are Hispanic with English as a second language. The decision to fire the teachers is difficult to understand. Due to the very challenging circumstances, the teachers are in a no win situation. The teachers were asked to work longer hours, eat lunch with students and provide tutoring after school with no additional pay. The job of school teacher is one of the most demanding jobs in America. The support and patience of parents and school board officials is critical to making teachers jobs successful. In addition to the unfair expectations placed on the Rhode Island teachers, this decision makes the career of a teacher seem very undesirable for today’s students.

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PLN 12

This is the best time of year as the days are longer and my favorite sports begin the push for the playoffs. It is exciting to see the Colorado Avalanche vying for a playoff spot with one of the youngest rosters in the NHL. With their combination of speed and determination on every shift, the Avalanche could be one of the biggest surprises in the NHL this year. The most exciting sports team in Colorado is the Denver Pioneer Men’s hockey team. They are the number one ranked team in the country and are positioned to win their eight NCAA hockey championship. This would give them the second most NCAA hockey championships in NCAA history (one less than Michigan and one more than North Dakota). Sadly, the games in the NCAA tournament are played at a neutral site away from Denver this year. However, many people including myself will be glued to the TV rooting for the Pioneers.

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PLN 11
I did PLN 11 on the video featuring Shaun White snowboarding ( The ability demonstrated by Shaun White is incredible. He is singlehandedly changing the sport of snowboarding. He does the tricks that are beyond description and seem to defy gravity. He has people on the edge of their seats every time he tightens his bindings. Recently, his run to win the gold medal in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver was simply amazing. More impressive than his accomplishments on his snowboard is the image he presents as a positive role model for all young athletes. Shaun White’s popularity grows everyday and his positive influence can help shape a new generation in many beneficial ways.