Thursday, December 10, 2009

pln 26

There is a good chance that the 2009-2010 season will be the last in New York for the New York Islanders hockey club. With a dismal record, poor attendance, an outdated coliseum and a devalued organization, the time is ripe for this storied franchise to relocate to another city. There are many options including Kansas City, which has recently completed a state-of-the-art arena to attract an NHL team like the Islanders. Several cities in Canada, including Quebec City are trying to recapture an NHL team since the departure of several teams in the 1990’s. Although it makes sense on several levels to move the Islanders, it would be a sad day in hockey. The Islanders are one of only four teams in professional sports to ever win four consecutive championships. Their dynasty in the 1980’s generated tremendous interest in hockey throughout the United States. Here’s hoping that this once great franchise can quickly turn around a bad situation and remain in New York for years to come.

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