Tuesday, November 3, 2009

PLN 18

PLN 18

A commercial aired today for a children’s weight loss program called Slimkids (www.slimkids.com). It is incredible how much advertising goes into weight loss programs. It is understandable that many adults would turn to these programs as their weight increases towards middle age. But a demand for weight loss programs for children is very disturbing. A 2007 survey indicates that 25% of American children are not just overweight but obese. This trend needs to change quickly or there will be repercussions for many generations. The cost of health care and the strain put on the health care system will cripple the medical profession. This will have adverse affects on our economy as well. It would be good to have mandatory education at the elementary school level that teaches children about health eating and exercise. One idea to encourage healthy choices would be to create incentives that reward good decisions with regards to diet and exercise.

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  1. I think commercials like these are disturbing. I understand that there are many overweight children today, but sometimes it isn't always the child's fault. For example, many parents take their kids to McDonalds or Burger King for supper because they don't think they have time to make supper themselves. Also, this could have a negative effect on children in the long run. Many people, females especially, become self-conscious in their adolescent years. If there are constant weight loss advertisements for children, the age group in which eating disorders could occur, could expand. I really do like your idea about encouraging healthy choices through education though!! Good post!